Ontario Soil And Crop Improvement Association

On-Farm Climate Action Fund

Rotational Grazing Systems Ontario Funding

COST SHARE FUNDING: 65% up to $20,000

For farmers who want to implement new fencing and livestock watering system infrastructure to strengthen rotational grazing systems. Rotational grazing systems must be implemented on at least 10 acres* of pasture and must include at least four (4) sections (paddocks) for rotation to be considered eligible for cost-share funding.

EFC will provide with you with a PDF RECEIPT for printing or emailing for your application submission. – Call 519-800-1940 or Email us


Electric fencing is ideal for Rotational Grazing Systems. Gallagher has been at the forefront with a large assortment of products specifically made for Pasture management with rotational/paddock systems. We have available a large assortment of electrical fencing supplies, from Energizers, Posts, Geared Reels, Wire, insulators, strainers and so much more.

Eligibility Requirements and Program Information

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