About Electric Fence Canada

We established our online store, Electric Fence Canada in 2017 to sell electric fencing supplies. Electric fencing became a major part of our local fencing business. It was a natural extension to offer you the opportunity to purchase directly online at competitive prices across Canada. Whether it is local fence installation or selling fencing supplies online we aim to give you the same great service. It has been our experience in using Gallagher products for many years that we have come to trust them exclusively!

Our Roots

Being a well established fencing installation company, BlackSheep Fencing is situated just south of Owen Sound near Chatsworth, Ontario. We are proud to say we have established ourselves as a prominent fence installation company in Grey & Bruce Counties. That was over 15 years ago and today we keep our hands on approach with each and every fence installation.

We know farm fencing, it’s what we do and what we are all about!