Wildlife Electric Fencing Solutions

A properly constructed and maintained electric fence powered with a quality Energizer has proven to contain or keep out wildlife  

Fence Configurations – Elk

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A properly constructed and maintained 7-wire high tensile electric fence powered with a large quality Energizer has proven to keep elk out of croplands.

Fence Configurations – Bear

There are an array of permanent electric fence designs that can deter bear. Bear fencing is used to protect beehives, dumpsters, lambing and calving areas, corrals and other small areas in need of protection from scavenging or predation.

Fence Configurations – Deer

​Deer can do major damage to crops or newly planted plants, stripping them down to the ground. The best way to put a definitive end to this is erect an electric fence. A slant fence has been used for many years to protect orchards and nursery crops. A 15-wire electric fence has proven effective with deer control. ​ Please download Gallagher’s Brochure for Wildlife Exclusion Electric Fence Systems. It will take you through the logical steps to achieve the best fencing configuration for your Wildlife Exclusion fencing needs.