Horse Fencing Solutions​​

Safe – Animals remember and develop a respect for the fence
Durable – Stock pressure on your fence is reduced so it lasts longer
Easy To Install – Less than half the time to build vs a non-electric fence
Economical – Costs less to build and maintain than a non-electric fence

An electric fence is a psychological barrier; after first contact with an electric fence, your horse will avoid it. Horses are sensitive animals that are prone to startle easily and give flight. If a horse tries to escape and there’s a barbed wire fence, it can get seriously injured. Preference should be given to a clearly visible barrier, one with wide tape or braid. A flexible fence will considerably reduce the risk of injury.  ​​​​​

Please download Gallagher’s Brochure for Equine Electric Fence Systems. It will take you through the logical steps to achieve the best fencing configuration for your horse fencing needs.