Will an Electric Fence Keep Out Racoons?

Electric fences can indeed be an effective way of keeping raccoons out. However, their effectiveness can be somewhat limited. Supplemental or alternative measures may need to be taken for complete success.

When is Electric Fencing the Right Solution?

First of all, the area that you’re looking to protect from raccoons will make a big difference in determining whether or not electric fencing is a good idea. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bulletproof solution to the problem of raccoon incursions. Yes, it will almost certainly help keep raccoons out, but your particular situation will have a lot to do with the actual effectiveness of the electric fence solution.

Things to consider.

    1. For example, if there’s a tree just outside your brand new electric fence with branches that overhang it, well, raccoons and other critters will probably be able to get their way over pretty easily. Same goes for anything else nearby that a raccoon could potentially climb over and circumvent the electric fence altogether.
    2. Ground conditions are like around the fence. Raccoons are particularly known for digging underground to get under a fence. But it is possible. The presence of loose, easily movable soil under the fence may make it less effective long-term.

The bigger area you’re trying to protect with electric fencing, the more these principles apply. If you’re thinking about fencing off your entire property, just remember that if there’s just one tree or other obstacles that a raccoon can use to get over the fence, the whole thing is useless. So, in other words, electric fencing can be very effective, as long as you’re thorough and don’t allow any means of breaching the fence.

Installing an Electric Fence

The first thing you’ll need to think about when building an electric fence is what the overall goal of your task is. Obviously, we’re talking about raccoons here, but are raccoons the only thing you’re trying to keep out? An electric fence will most likely be effective against any animal that comes in contact with it. However, smaller animals are liable to slip through the wires, and larger animals may require a thinker gauge of wiring and a larger energizer.

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