Fence installation protection for Beehives

A good fence system is integral in keeping your Beehives protected from Bears.

The challenges of Bear Fencing exclusion.

This fence installation setup is a viable option that you may adapt to your needs. Using this system involves a list of products available directly from EFC’s Gallagher line of products. We believe it is a better more economical solution in comparison to bear fence netting products you see available today. Utilizing Fiberglass posts, turbo wire and insulated gate handles, this system completly  encases the beehives and providing a solution for bear wildlife exclusion.

Insulated gate handles
with their encased spring maintains tension on the turbo wire.

S100 Energizer
with wildlife control mode ensures wildlife exclusion

Turbo Wire (white)
with turbo conductivity for superior animal exclusion

Up to 60’ x 60’ Five Wire Fence

If using a solar energizer, make sure the solar panel is facing south and not obstructed to receive the most sunlight
Place energizer so it is protected from the animal
Use a short piece of wire (about 30”) to connect the five horizontal wires vertically
In really dry locations, the second and fourth wire can be ground return wires

Fence Configuration

Bear Control for Beekeepers

Materials List

G32850M160 Energizer- 110 Volt*

G346404S100 Solar Fence Energizer*

A351A3′ Ground Rod T-Handle

AFRP48Fiberglass Post – 1” X 48”

G704004Fiberglass Post Clip

G639304Insulated Gate Handle

G620564Turbo Wire White

G503014Digital Volt Meter

* Use either M160 for 110v application or
S100 for remote areas where a solar energizer is the only option.