Poultry Netting


This new improved all-in-one 48” tall poultry turbo netting is an ideal solution if you need to move your poultry frequently. The netting fence is easy to set up and can also be used for permanent fencing of poultry. We recommend higher output energizers to power the netting. We suggest at least a 1 to 2 joule energizer as the netting is effected by length and conditions (tall grass, wet conditions and or persistent predator problems).

Made with Turbo Wire for better conductivity!

Two lengths of Poultry Netting available.
165’ long Poultry netting with 14 double foot spiked posts.
82’ long Poultry netting with 7 double spiked posts.

Poultry Turbo Netting
Poultry Netting
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